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We dont only make designs beautiful, we make them works of art.

Our Story

Passion, creativity and design blend together to create wonderful elegance and freshness in your home.

Our interior designers have a beautiful flare and gift in creating wonderful environments for luxury homes and apartments. We are able to see what our clients desire to bring the finished touches to their luxury homes and apartments.

That is one of the reasons about us that makes us uniquely different.

Love your home so do we.

Each day people come to us to assist them designing their space and living area that want to feel at home in.

We like laying challenges in front of our clients to think outside what they thought and create wonderful idea from the fabrics, colour palette and other elements associated with their room. We want to leave you knowing we have made your space feel and look like a home or luxury apartment. 

Together we craft designs. We want you to feel at home on the Gold Coast with your new curtains.

Since 1995

 We have an entreprenurial spirit and only want to achieve the best for you.

That is why we have an interior designer on our team. Someone who is not only gifted in design but also trained. As there are many components to a beautiful design.

  • Passion
  • Training
  • Knowledge of fabrics
  • Knowledge of design

Why Choose Us

20 Years of Experience

With 20 years experience in the interior design and fabric world we are well qualified to assist in creating your homes interior design.

Custom Everything

We can customise all curtains, drapes, wall hangings and blinds both internal and external.

We Deliver

We supply fit and install for all our clients

Our Curtain Fabric home- Gold Coast

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