Custom Curtains Gold Coast

Velvet I Silk I Cotton I Faux Silk I Sheer

Leading  Curtain Design Firm Gold Coast

Warm pleated and sheer curtains

Pleated drapes with blackout lining

Custom curtains Gold Coast
Custom curtains Gold Coast

We custom make drapes for you here on the Gold Coast.

We feature many fabrics and colour in our collection with a wonderful choice of fabrics including:

  • Sheer
  • Faux Sheer
  • Silk
  • Velvet
  • Cotton
  • and more

Our colour palette allows us to provide an  excellent choice to suit our prestigious clients environment and interior designs.

Should you require privacy in your bedrooms or stop the strong rays from the sun, our selection of blockout curtains will provide the top level  blockout for your daily nap.

We believe we have the fabric and colours for your interior design requirements.

We have also made many  ripple fold curtains and are very popular in Australia.’

The pinch pleat curtain is an older style  classic drape and available with us should you require them.

Interior design Collaboration

Beautiful warm colours of pillows and sheets combined with sheer drapes.

Custom curtains Gold Coast

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Luxury Apartment designs

We provide beautifully designed curtains for your luxury homes and apartments.

Our luxurios window dressings are designed to match your creative ideas.  Your Valance may like to match with your custom curtains. We have some  beautiful fabrics to choose from with awesome lingin options. Let us help you create the environment for your home with matching designed custom made curtains.

Contact us here.

luxury curtains gold coast

Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains. are designed to ensure any bedrooms, dining and living areas remain lit well with air circulating through creatin a wonderful space. 

Pleated curtains

Select your Pinch Pleat Curtains from us here at Luxury curtain designs.  We work  with many fabrics, including Block Out, Sheer, and Thermal. Shop for ready-made Pinch Pleat Curtains Online.

Motorised blinds

Motorised Awnings and Blinds

Motorised Blinds. Why not autoamte your whole home with simplicity. We offer woncerful battery operated blinds to operate any size blinds.

We Deliver and Ship all over the Country!


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